Mastorakis George

Founder and Partner of U Turn Consultants

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U-TURN Consultants

Professional Highlights 

George has 26 years banking experience with a primary focus in corporate banking and credit risk assessment, but also in lending operations. He evolved from junior to senior positions in a number of important banks, i.e., Creta Bank, Interbank,and Egnatia Bank, prior to joining Bank of Cyprus (Greece) and has witnessed the extraordinary stages of the development of the Greek banking system in modern era. 

During the financial crisis he was mostly engaged in cases of corporate restructurings overlooking from the Bank's side the assessment and implementation of the debt restructuring element. 

Relevant Experience

  • Led for 8 years - as Corporate Manager - a team of 10 Relationship Officers in Bank of Cyprus (Greece), managing a credit  portfolio of €1 bln
  • Managed the Credit Approvals for circa 20% of the Greek portfolio of the Bank from 2000-2005, holding a sanctioning limit of €7 mln.
  • Internal Project Owner in the turnaround/ debt restructuring project for a large aquaculture entity handling a debt participation of €15 mln; assessed the diagnostic’s findings and actively prepared financing proposals to the other syndicate members.
  • Managed the standstill negotiations with other creditors (holding total claims of €50 mln) of a big entertainment operator and implemented a jointly agreed pari-passu debt restructuring of €10 mln.
  • Implemented successfully a workout plan in a €27 mln exposure to a large car retailer, achieving a €14 mln deleveraging prior to engaging in total debt restructuring discussions with other co-Lenders.

George was exposed in international stimuli since his high-school years, while attending the renowned Lycee Leonin. Since then he became quite literate with French and English.  In his graduate years, he followed a Bachelor in Economics (Athens University) where he thrived mainly in financial analysis topics.. George has also attended several professional courses, like for instance a 6-month program in Personnel Management at the Hellenic Centre of Productivity.